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Jungle Jim. Who is he? Is he a cartoon? Who is this Jungle Jim people are talking about? Jungle Jim is a still photographer who is known internationally for his photography. When it comes to capturing the magic of a live performance with all the color and special effects, few photographers can equal the work of this odd-named individual! 

When Jungle Jim picks up a camera, a very subtle transformation takes place. Instead of a rock solid, reserved professional persona which is his natural demeanor, Jungle Jim is transmuted into a whole different personality. He becomes an eccentric that's half cartoon, one quarter egomaniac and one quarter mad man with a camera. It's all part of his charm. Jungle Jim says, “my name makes me sound like a cartoon character and considering half the time I come off as a loony tune, energetic, wacko, I'm allowed a large latitude of behavior. Even I'm surprise at what I get a way with. It's all in good fun and everyone has a good time when Jungle Jim is around!” Jungle Jim says that you have to be different, offbeat and open to think outside the box.

So You Photography was started by second generation photographers Jungle Jim and Brother Paul. Jungle Jim and Brother Paul got their initial training in photography from their father Paul H. Behrens. Their father was a studio still photographer for 20th Century Fox in the 1930's – 1940's. Brother Paul was trained further in photography, receiving a BA at Art Center, with photography being one of his two completed majors.

When it comes to special events, social gatherings, corporate events and gatherings of all kinds, Jungle Jim of So You Photography is requested by name, by many of the top celebrities in the music, movie and television industries as well as promoters, event coordinators many others whom rely on this uncommonly good photographer. Top rated photography is what you'll get for your weddings, special events, live entertainment, corporate, functions, family gatherings, parties and funerals etc. when you call upon So You Photography. 

When it come to posing people, Jungle Jim has a rare gift and talent for posing people in ways that never look posed. He also has the ability to engage his subjects into the experience to a degree that allow them to be at ease while portraying a positive energy. Jungle Jim works with his subjects to get them to look the best they can and never settles for simple point and shoot shots. When Jungle Jim works with people, singularly or in groups, talent combines with imagination and skill to produce images rarely achieved by other photographers. Often, famous producers, directors and veteran actors are awed by the results when Jungle Jim works his magic. Jungle Jim simply states, “details make the difference”.

So You Photography photographers are experts at low light photography.  We can shoot wide angle or long telephoto lenses in low light.  On stage or from the back of the room,  "We do them all!"

Jungle Jim says that he and Brother Paul are starting to build up the wedding side of their business.  He says weddings are a piece of cake compared with low light, live entertainment photography.  The same set of skills we use in other areas of photography, cross over into our wedding photography.  The ceremony is shot documentary style.  The rest can be shot in any style the wedding party wants.  We like to have fun.  We like the people we shoot to have fun.  We combine our personalities with our skill and talents to record special moments frozen in time.

We only shoot positive and uplifting photos.  We have built a reputation as photographers you can trust.  If we see a shot that's not up to our standards, it is deleted.  If you don't like a shot we got of you, we delete it right in front of you.  It's gone, never to be seen again. Jungle Jim explains: "We delete anything that would cause any embarrassment, we'll delete anything that is not flattering to the subject".

Top rated photographer Jungle Jim specializes in "low light, live entertainment photography, which is one of the most difficult areas of photography to master. Brother Paul likes to cover conventions and seminars, meetings, and other areas where candids are king.  Large or small, Brother Paul enjoys them all.  Both brothers like to shoot fine art and other area of photography that allow them artistic freedom.  They work well as a team covering a multitude of functions and performances. 

Little things such as clothing malfunctions or your mouth is looking weird (like when you make the sound "th" or "sh"), anything not flattering simple goes away.  We get rid of it, it's not an option says the well known photographer. If the client does not like a shot, it is deleted right there and then.  The photo is GONE.

So You Photography has a reputation for being trustworthy.  We are photographers people can trust.  Even if we shoot something the tabloids would pay dearly to have, if it doesn't meet our standards or if it doesn't suit the people in the shot, we delete it, right then and there.  People can trust us, that's the way we are and we take great pride in standards rarely seen in today's world.

Jungle Jim and Brother Paul's father was a still photographer for 20th Century Fox in the 1930's and 1940's. He took care of the studio and it's stars.  We were taught from the begging to respect the people we photograph.  There is no amount of money worth jeopardizing our reputation or violating our professional ethics. What Jungle Jim is getting at is, "we of So You Photography never exploit our clients".  Brother Paul says "we are there to offer our best work in support of our clients photographic goals". 

The brothers, Jungle Jim and Brother Paul are partners in So You Photography.  They are second generation photographers who, as stated above, initially learned their trade from their father, Paul H. Behrens, who was one of the finest studio photographers in the golden age of Hollywood.  These gentlemen photograph everything from small meetings, to large national conferences and conventions.

They photograph everyone, from the homeless to royalty.  They have photographed garage bands to some of the most famous bands in the world.  They have photographed actors just starting out to Hollywood's greatest stars.

They have photographed small items to large resorts. It doesn't matter, whether you want a single picture for grandma, a family album or an image over 300 feet in size, these guys have done it all.  And they have done it with a professionalism seldom seen today. 

What makes them so different than other photographers is that So You Photography requires ALL ACCESS for any event they shoot.  What "All access" means is, we are allowed to photograph anywhere at the event. " We go where we want to go so we can get best shots of the individuals or celebrities," says  Jungle Jim.  "And that include before and after the event," he added.

We are not Paparazzi! The only thing Jungle Jim and Brother Paul have in common with the  Paparazzi is that they both take pictures. The comparison ends there! What Paparazzi are after is dirt and crap to sell to the Rags!  They are unwelcome and despised by most of their subjects. With So You Photography it's quite the opposite.  We only photograph where we are invited and welcome.  We have the permission (or implied. ie when people are walking the red carpet)  permission to photograph everyone we shoot."we do not shoot for newspapers, media, tabloids," adds Brother Paul.  "However, our work is often published in newspapers, but we only provide the images to the client.. If our photos are used by the media, it's because the people we shoot or the event staff have submitted the image for publication or broadcast.  However, we did sell one of our pictures directly to LA Times.  But, that was a picture of a forest fire, not a person. explained Jungle Jim.  

Most photographers are happy with shooting the "red carpet" at these types of events.  Not us.  We do our best work beyond the red carpet.  So You Photography shoots everywhere! On the stage, off the stage, behind the stage, anywhere and everywhere at these events!  However, we do not photograph people eating said Jungle Jim.  He added in a joking manner, "most people don't look good with  forks in their mouths".  Then he said in a most serious tone, "women don't want to be seen eating."

So You Photography are the official photographers for Wordnet T.V., Casting Wordnet and Wordnet Productions.  Wordnet T.V. is available to over 600 million home, world wide.  Brother Paul was on hand to photograph Father Michael Manning burning a mortgage deed after the loan had been paid off.  Father Michael Manning was put in place by Pope John Paul II to deal with the media and to create media presence for the Catholic Church. Wordnet T.V. has thousands of video programs you can click on.  Casting Wordnet provides the printed material.  Like So You Photography,  Father Michael Manning and Wordnet Productions DOES IT ALL.

So You Photography is better than your average photographers. They work well with film crews, video, and other entertainment professionals. 

Jungle Jim doesn't like to  just point and shoot.  He'd much rather work with people to get great shots.  He is one of the most fastidious photographers when it comes to getting people to look their best. Point and shoot photography is fine for candids, however, Jungle Jim has that rare ability to extract magic from people.  He makes posed shots look more natural than candids.

When it comes to low light photography, you will never see a big ugly white flash shown in So You Photography images. That's one of the things that separates Jungle Jim and Brother Paul's  work apart from other photographers.  Jungle  Jim shoots in the dark, with or without flash.  "We use the tools that will get us the better shots.  Sometimes a flash adds to the image, sometimes it doesn't.  We know when and where to use each technique and we use each in a way that adds rather than distracts from the quality of the shot," explains Jungle Jim.
Jungle Jim excels at putting people together and posing them to exhibit just the right amount of intimacy between the subjects. Then he works his magic to make them look wonderful and natural all at the same time.  Really, it's part art, part skill, part magic and what level of relationship is desired in the shot.

When it comes to working in low light, most photographers can't quite capture good ambiant light.  This is where Jungle Jim really shows off his skills and attention to detail.  When you see the richness of colors of the ambient light, even when he uses a flash, you will know,  this is not run of the mill work.  This ability sets him apart from practically all others in his field. Now, add to that Jungle Jim's ability extract the best from people, you will see why this photographer is in demand.

How many times have you seen a photographer work, who can pose subjects naturally, get any level of relationship he wants (even from complete strangers) and be able to do all this in low light?  You get the idea? This in no ordinary photographer.

What's seen in Jungle Jim's photographs is deliberate, it is not an accident. What appears natural was not, it was posed.  And like any good director, what you see in Jungle Jim's image work is believable. He's a master of "pretend".  Perhaps, Jungle Jim missed his true calling.  Perhaps he should be a movie director.  His work is that good.

Veteran actors, producers and directors understand the terms "sell it" and "make it believable".  So You Photography's photographic shots are exactly that ... they "sell-it" ...  For example, think of an actress crying in a movie or on TV.  Is she really feeling the emotion that's causing her to cry.  A good actress doesn't need to feel the feeling.  She only has to have you believe she is.  She's pretending!   That's what acting is.  It's pretend.  How good are you at  "pretending"?  Jungle Jim says, "when I'm composing a shot with people in it, I compose the image to sell an idea.  The people will show their relationship and emotions.  Look into a room with people in it.  You can see how people interact.  What their emotions are.  What they are saying with their body language.  Jungle Jim says, "Now, when I pose a shot, I combine all the same variables to make a statement. That's all there is to it. It's that simple!"  Oh, one more thing,  you have to get people out of there own way.  People don't know how to be natural in front of a camera.  Jungle Jim knows how to get them beyond their own pose and into his!

Jungle Jim has been called out by one member of the Rolling Stones to photograph the performance of another member of the Rolling Stone when he played in Los Angeles. Jungle Jim and Brother Paul have photographed many top entertainers from Albert Lee to Ron Wood, from Ringo Starr to Slash. Jungle Jim has photographed Hollywood royalty like Jack Nicholson and genuine blue blooded royalty from two continents. Jungle Jim has photographed many producers and directors and has even photographed a producer/director of the Israeli National Theater (Tel Aviv, Israel). Even people from the technical side of the entertainment industries who have won Emmys and Oscars have called upon Jungle Jim when they needed professional photography work done.

Brother Paul and Jungle Jim have built a photography business that has set themselves apart from the crowd by their insistence of perfection. Good enough, isn't good enough. Details make the difference. If you want to be among the best, you have to arm yourself with the best tools available, know how to use them and do what it takes to get it RIGHT. There is no short cut for experience, when combining heart, soul, intuition, art and science into a blend of light, shadow and color to produce work that will withstand the test of time and generations of scrutiny for it's artistic excellence.

Brother Paul and Jungle Jim's father's photographic work still adorns the walls at 20th Century Fox.. Paul H. Behrens, a top rated studio photographer, taught his sons in the ways of old school photographic masters. Paul would say to his sons, “here's one piece of film, get the shot”. When you have one chance to get it right, you do what you have to do, to get the shot.

To see samples So You Photography's work, visit their website at

You can call Jungle Jim directly with any question on rates or scheduling by calling 1-818-271-9116.

SoYou Photography

More on So You Photography:

So You Photography is an independent photography service, with flexibility and openness to any photography environment. The famed SoYou Photography studio was started by second generation Still Photographer who goes by the name of "Jungle Jim", along with his brother Paul H. Behrens, as stated aka "Brother Paul".  

SoYou Photography 2nd generation photographers, #1 rated photography for weddings, live entertainment, Bar Mitzvahs, parties, kids, family friendly photographer and state of the art studio or we come straight to you!

As his work attests, Jungle Jim is quite well known for his excellent, fine still photograph work!  Jungle Jim is one of the top directors of still photography today. He tries to see his subjects from the heart, the project is the mood portrayed from within.  

SoYou Photography has photographed everyone from Joe Satriani to the Rolling Stones Ron Wood, who call him up and ask for him by name "Jungle Jim," and then he is summoned to their concerts and venues. "They call me when it's important," jokes Jungle Jim.  SoYou Photography gives clients a special customer service that no one else can offer.  

They are changing with the entertainment business, party crowds, film and video industries, as well as being able to cater to the full photo needs of the motion picture, television, theater, commercials, video, corporate clients and  branching out into weddings, high end parties, even a special division slated for the future involving art works. 

SoYou Photography announces a new plan: Whether you’re doing a Hollywood wrap party, even a fundraiser or a party with a theme SO YOU can help make your imagination come to life! In addition to up to date quality camera equipment, Jungle Jim provides the top rated on-site production services, including state-of-the-art technology systems for your party, reception, wedding, corporate event or even band fund raiser, as well as offer you access to the best photography services that have been utilized by the television and movie companies old and new! 

A-1 photographer Jungle Jim, give him a jingle at   So You Photography for the most positive and comprehensive color, digital, High Def and even Black and White photography. Along with the finest equipment in the world comes the most gracious customer service and industry expertise catering to you! 

SoYou Photography has an inventory of equipment that would make any photo shoot a magical mystery tour. Just to name a few: Jungle Jim has dozens of Nikon Professional Cameras, Nikon D3's, the D60, D40X, plus cameras made in the mid 1930's called Graflex.  Graflex was the last generation of graphic cameras and the "Rail View".  SoYou Photography uses them to this day and with excellent results. To put it bluntly, we're looking at at least $50,000 dollars + worth of photo equipment, cameras, lighting grips, etc. Jungle Jim has it all when it comes to Still Photography.

SoYou Photography uses some of the finest equipment in the world, but the truth is the magic comes from the soul and the artistic technical skill becomes visual.  "I always have an insistence for perfection with an understanding of that perfection.  It's also about free flowing form perfections...We go with the ramifications of perfection," Says Jungle Jim. 

On the charity front, big hearted Jungle Jim has participated in many shoots related to Autism, the homeless, Simi Valley Civic Center free clinics, Cancer Society and many more. 

There are also the many "specialty shoots" and shoots on location for the better lighting.  But at the same time Jungle Jim & Brother Paul are the two of the binding forces behind SoYou Photography and they make sure that the whole client experience remains professional and top notch. With their vast experience and patience your photography projects or ideas will materialize even better than you might have ever thought.

Anything your project calls for SoYou Photographer Jungle Jim MAKES IT HAPPEN! High quality photo set up, props, themes, Still shots of music videos, special effects and more!

SoYou Photography
P.O. Box 2775 North Hills, CA.91393-2775

Live Entertainment, Special Events, Weddings & More

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